UN using federal ‘public-private partnerships’ as backdoor for global policies

The Outdoor Industry Association and NGOs love this as it benefits corporate greed and NGO agendas to lock up and control land.  The Wilderness Society spells out just exactly what a recreation management area is, with all the restrictions, using the BLM as an example. Recreation Resource Management is already providing these types of services.  What better way for businesses to incorporate their conservation goals into public land use than to be handed the keys for tourism? 

Commentary by Karen Schumacher

The article, Recreation Advisory Committee for Public Lands, shed a positive light on Sec. Zinke’s promotion of public-private-partnerships (PPP), giving the “motorized recreation industry a voice in the creation of public lands policy… that involve roads, trails and waterways on federally-controlled lands”.  Sec. Zinke plans to accomplish this through his newly established Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC).  But there is a far greater, and more dangerous agenda with  Zinke’s plan for corporate involvement in public land.

In 2014, the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources (BRP) was created by Bass Pro shop founder John Morris, and former Wyoming governor Dave Freudenthal. BRP “represents the outdoor recreation retail and manufacturing sector, the energy and automotive industries, private landowners, educational institutions, conservation organizations, sportsmen’s groups and state fish and wildlife agencies.” One of their goals is “recommending a new funding mechanism to support state fish and wildlife conservation to ensure the sustainability of all fish and wildlife for current and future generations.”  “The Blue Ribbon Panel includes 26 business and conservation leaders” and “was convened to evaluate and recommend a more sustainable funding approach to avert a fish and wildlife conservation crisis.” Panel members include United Nations (UN) business partners (ToyotaShell), UN non-governmental organizations (NGO) (NWFASNSSF), and other groups funded by UN partners.

Corporations are not just interested in managing public land, they want to conserve land as well.  Their involvement garnered another piece of legislation, H.R. 3400, called the Recreation Not Red-Tape Act. Among other things this bill would create a system of National Recreation Areas (RMA) managed specifically for recreation. A National Recreation Area is the counterpart to a designated wilderness area or national monument, an identified protected area for recreation. The Outdoor Industry Association and NGOs love this as it benefits corporate greed and NGO agendas to lock up and control land.  The Wilderness Society spells out just exactly what a recreation management area is, with all the restrictions, using the BLM as an example. Recreation Resource Management is already providing these types of services.  What better way for businesses to incorporate their conservation goals into public land use than to be handed the keys for tourism?  They will design where access will be, when, who, and how it can be used, just like an amusement park.  The article, Will Zinke’s privatization plan improve national parks condition, accessibility?, leads one to believe that privatization could lead to improvement of our national parks and our access to them.  But what it really does is give corporate power to “design” our public land use, according to UN dictates, that land use must be “sustainable”, which means conserved and protected as much as possible.


PPPs are nothing more than an advancement of both Agenda 21 and 2030.    Expanding on their tourism goals in the 2002 Johannesburg Plan of Implementation of Sustainable Development, in true technocratic fashion, the UN has broken tourism down into four categoriesecotourismnaturesustainable, and responsible tourism.  UN business partners will force this UN ideology on us and Sec. Zinke has given the keys to his committee to do it.  Using just one of his RAC members as an example, the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) has international members, an Agenda 21 requirement for international involvement.  Another member, AccessParks, will bring Wi-Fi to our parks which accomplishes Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 9.c, “provide universal and affordable access to the Internet”.

The UN places great faith in PPPs for recreation and tourism as outlined on page 14 in this UN World Tourism Organization booklet, even going so far to claim that “eventually the government must rely on the private sector to deliver services to tourists.”  Looks like Zinke is making it happen.

Agenda 2030 will have business partners use their 5Ps “as guiding themes…a frame of reference to design tourism in such a way that it can contribute to sustainable development.”  One theme includes “Sustainable tourism…to reduce negative impacts on the environment, contribute to the conservation of biological diversity, actively protect terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and integrate climate protection.”  This means corporations, to advance UN goals, will take over how you recreate on public lands.  Sure, it will more accessible, but only in ways that will be sustainable.  Your favorite, out of the way, camping spot will most likely be banned because it doesn’t conserve the biological diversity.

Chapter 7.20(e) of Agenda 21 promotes sound and culturally sensitive tourism programs, even writing about it in 1997. In Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG8.9 and 12.B, are targeted to “devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products”. Given UN business partnerships are driving us towards corporatism, this is the direction our government is taking us, placing the governance of public land into private business hands which will promote “sustainable” recreation while creating jobs and products, all in support of the UN SDGs. We are being robbed of our God-given right to use our land as we want to use it.  It will be dictated to us.  The federal government was designed by our Founding Fathers to represent “We the People”.  Instead, the UN has made sure that all forms of our representation are removed, and we now have a government that turns representation over to UN cronies, corporations and NGOs.  

PPP is one method being used to destroy the foundation of the United States with many other methodologies being implemented.  It took some time but now the UN will have their hands on our public land use.  It will only be a matter of time before you will see how using our public land will be transformed into an amusement park business where you will buy a ticket and be told what “sustainable services” will be available to you.  There will be no more freedom to choose how you use public land, only what they decide to let you use, and how you use it.  

Karen Schumacher is a Nurse Practitioner and has been studying the United Nations and ‘Agenda 21,’ and the ‘2030’ program for several years.  A native Idahoan and daughter of a WWII veteran, her goal has been to educate others about the UN and its partnership with the federal government.



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  1. Why won’t people understand that Agenda 21 is real. It is a socialist/globalist backed movement that is gaining ground by continuously changing its name and keywords to basically move people into urban areas. NO ONE pays to have a document written such as the Global biodiversity assessment which was 1152 pages, and weighs 8 pounds if it is just a conspiracy theory. It is hard to find the implementation plan now. But the document clearly states what is happening under different programs such as ICLEI. Look at pgs 755, and 782 regarding property rights, and more importantly page 993 the wildlands project (now called the Wildlands Network). Implementation has been written into the administrative law, especially by the EPA: https://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/environment/item/11224-epas-plans-for-implementing-uns-agenda-21 . Why do Americans wait until it hurts or until things are so hard to change before we take action. Please read the documentation available and vote anyone out of office that supports these globalist agendas.

  2. It seemed a bit far-fetched as I read the article the first time. However, on further contemplation I am wondering about a collaboration we are involved in with BLM called Outcome Based Grazing initiative. The initiative provides private business (ranchers) the opportunity to adjust grazing practices to produce more sustainable outcomes.

  3. There is a multitude of information on UN websites regarding grazing and practices for more “sustainable” outcomes. The UN organization, Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) is one place to look. Here is a link to their “standards”.
    And another ” Participating farms must have an approved management plan including conservation measures, rangeland and grazing management, protection of unique and high-valued areas, and grassland restoration activities.”
    The Smith Fellows Program
    is part of the Society for Conservation Biology, which is a UN NGO
    and is also pushing the sustainable grazing initiative
    But, it is important to remember the BLM partners with the FAO
    While more information used to be on the BLM website and its partnership with the UN, since Trump was elected it has pretty much disappeared. The USFS follows all FAO standards which is why our forests are being destroyed. Hope this helps.

  4. The USDA NRCS is another example of the federal government partnering with the UN via FAO – NRCS has a long history of international involvement, beginning over 60 years ago when Chief Hugh Hammond Bennett was among the world leaders that signed the Constitution of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Quebec City. https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/detailfull/national/programs/alphabetical/international/?cid=stelprdb1043040

    1. Probably it is human nature not to do something until a lot of pain is inflicted. Forward thinking people such as yourself suffer greatly from the inaction of others.
      The main thing to do is NOT GIVE UP! So tempting sometimes but until we are unable to do something let’s not give up. This is super scary stuff and we must be the harbingers. Good luck.

  5. A knit picky graphic note – you should open up the space between the lines of copy just a bit or reduce the type size a point. It would be easier to read.
    BTW, thanks for the info!

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