Extreme Greens ‘beg’ EPA to lie about fracking study conclusions

Radical Enviros Ask EPA to Lie About Facts in Fracking Report

would-you-lie-for-me2 Corinthians 6:15: “What harmony can there be between Christ and the devil? How can a believer be a partner with an unbeliever?”

The obvious answer to the Apostle Paul’s hypothetical question in that passage is, “There is no harmony. A believer can’t partner with an unbeliever.” Yet that’s just what is happening among the ranks of anti-fossil fuel fools. We’ll explain.

On Monday the usual suspects, namely the misnamed and odious Food & Water Watch and 200 or so of their closest “friends”–including the Sierra Clubbers, Natural Resources Defense Council, et al ad naseum (people who never think for themselves)–sent a letter (full copy below) to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy asking her, begging with her, pleading with her, to pretty-please change the results of the EPA’s own scientific study, performed by dozens (hundreds?) of scientists who analyzed 950 studies on fracking, conducting nine of their own primary studies, and concluding that fracking doesn’t contaminate ground water supplies (see EPA Draft Report Says Fracking Doesn’t Pollute Groundwater Supplies).

Such a conclusion is heresy for the nutters at FWW and their buds. Ever since the EPA’s finding last year leftists have been agitating (what they do best) to try and get the EPA to change (lie about) the science-based conclusions in the report. Real scientific conclusions make no difference to this bunch.

Why the Bible verse at the opening? Two of the 200 groups signing this latest letter to McCarthy were (a) Franciscan Response to Fracking, which is part of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ, and (b) The God is Dead Theology Movement. Pretty strange bedfellows, wouldn’t you say?…

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