Most of the prosecution’s witnesses (federal agents) were allowed to be in the court room before they took the stand, but potential witnesses for the defense have been restricted from hearing the trial before taking the stand. The prosecution witnesses have spoken of their fear, and were even allowed to cry on the stand, but the defense witnesses were told they could not do or say anything that would make the jury feel badly for them.
A list of violations in Judge Navarro’s Federal Court Room: Las Vegas, Nevada, Cliven Bundy et al vs United States of America
Our Constitutional rights are not only being violated, they are being mocked and disposed of as if they are nothing more than a suggestion from our framers.
A court of order and Justice can only exist if all parties involved follow the Law, the supreme Law of the Land.
Following are just some of the violations that our fellow Americans now standing trial in Judge Gloria Navarro’s Federal Courtroom are suffering:
  • First, the US Constitution, the very document our founders fought and died for to protect the people from an overreaching government, has been denied to be visible in the court room. The only way it’s being allowed in the federal courtroom, is if it’s turned around backwards in the observers’ pockets. This should break the hearts of any proud American who looks to our Constitution and flag as a symbol of Justice and Liberty for all.
  • Defendant, Todd Engel, has been denied his constitutionally-protected right to represent himself because he dared to ask an FBI agent on the stand if the head BLM agent, Dan Love, was in fact under investigation for misconduct. That question alone, caused the judge to strip him of his right to self represent. And even though the defense has every constitutionally-protected right to call Agent Dan Love to the stand, the judge is denying that right, stating his testimony is not necessary to their defense.
  • We have a constitutionally-protected right to face our accusers. however, FBI Agent Adam Nixon, took the stand and testified that he had obtained a warrant to search Greg Burleson’s Facebook page, and he went through the information presented, and NEVER mentioned he was also Burleson’s appointed handler in 2013. Greg was the only ‘defendant’ (informant) who had spoken a message of violence which was NOT in line with our families’ messages and in fact shocked us all when the videos were revealed in court. Had we heard those words from him while we were protecting our property and cattle, he would have been immediately removed from our land.
  • It was not revealed that Burleson was an FBI informant until the following week when another agent, Michael Caputo, took the stand and Burleson’s own attorney came out and questioned him about Burleson’s time as an informant. Burleson’s last phone call to Agent Caputo was right after he was interviewed later in 2015 by the FBI’s fake documentary company, Longbow Productions.
  • Along with all this, no other defense attorneys were not allowed to cross-examine Agent Caputo in order to get more information about Burleson’s payments from the FBI or time as an informant. To top it off, news Channel 8 came and reported on Burleson’s damming and violent videos, and failed to report to the public that he was in fact an FBI informant. They failed to report on the other two defendants’ peaceable interviews with the fake FBI news crew (Longbow), and only focused on Burleson’s very violent videos, under the pretense that he was one of us. This biased reporting has tained the jury pool for the next 2 trials coming this year for the rest of the defendants.
  • We have a constitutionally-protected right to call witnesses to the stand in our defense. Nowhere in the Constitution does it regulate how many or what kind of witnesses can be called. Yet the defense was denied nearly every witness it attempted to call as it attempted to make its case. On the first day set for defense to call its witnesses, not one was allowed to take the stand. In the end, those willing to testify for the defense are being threatened with arrest because prosecutors are calling this an ongoing conspiracy, indicating they can indict more people at any time.
  • During the 7 weeks since the prosecution took the stand, the defense was not able to start their day with even one approved witness.
  • Family members who were eye witnesses, including the wives of some of the defendants, were prevented from testifying for the defense for being ‘unprofessional or lay or political’ witnesses.
  • They are not allowed to discuss the fact that cows were shot by federal agents, which was the main motivation people came to the aid of the Bundy family in the first place.
  • They cannot discuss Ammon Bundy being tazed, Dave Bundy being arrested on the road for simply recording the activities, or Margaret Houston being thrown to the ground.
  • They cannot discuss how afraid they were of the agents, or anything that would ‘pull on the hearts strings of the jury.’
  • They cannot discuss anything political or religious nor can they bring up anything that can risk Jury Nullification (words from the judge).
  • At one point, the judge was actually objecting FOR the defense and telling them they could not even state why they were objecting because it was disrupting the court, they could only motion their hand to show agreement they wanted to object. Then she would wait until the prosecution was done before making a ruling. She said the jury was educated enough to know to dismiss the information if she sustained the defenses objections. This is NOT how an objection works! This jury has been completed tainted.
  • At this point, even though the defendants have a constitutionally-protected right to not take the stand and testify in their own case, Eric Parker had agree to testify because if he does not, there may not be anyone to speak on behalf of the defense.
  • Most of the prosecution’s witnesses (federal agents) were allowed to be in the court room before they took the stand, but potential witnesses for the defense have been restricted from hearing the trial before taking the stand. The prosecution witnesses have spoken of their fear, and were even allowed to cry on the stand, but the defense witnesses were told they could not do or say anything that would make the jury feel badly for them.
  • The prosecution had the stand for 6-7 weeks but the defense can not even start on day 1 with out being shut down, and is being told they will rest within 5 days.
  • The prosecution presented ‘evidence’ from before 4/12/14 but the defense can not.
  • The prosecution presented witnesses that were not even present at Bunkerville but the defense is being told even eye witnesses are not qualified to testify because they are ‘lay witnesses’.
  • The judge has prohibited defendants from discussing United States Constitutional Amendments or the Nevada Constitution which are relevant the ‘right to carry,’ because, according to Navarro, it could cause them to consider jury nullification.
America, this should shock your conscience. This is not the America we have come to love and cherish. If God does not intervene, and the people do not speak up, justice will not prevail.
~Concerned but still hopeful American
Kel Stewart is a friend to Angie and Lisa Bundy and was a Bundy family representative for the first Oregon trials in which Ammon and Ryan Bundy were defendants. Kel lives near Portland, Oregon, and made weekly jail visits, and also coordinated peaceful rallies in support of the defendants in the first and second Oregon trials.
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  1. If this doesn’t make every constitutionally freedom oriented person totally disgusted, I don’t know what will !
    This is so illegal and against the Constitution and Bill of Rights that something absolutely needs to be done.
    This judge needs reprimanded and held accountable for his actions.
    The Bundys may not be perfect, like most of us, but they need JUSTICE from the courts.

  2. Maybe it’s time to round up the supporters from the ranch and get them to the court house!

  3. This is disgusting… If I were the defense I would only say one thing… Judge Gloria Navarro .
    Recuse yourself for your oath violation to the constitution of the United States of America

  4. What has become of our Bill Of Rights?
    We The People are no longer innocent untill proven guilty.

    This Judge is going to set a precedence with this case unless enough people speak out against this blatant disregard for our rights as citizens of USA. Who’s next?

  5. Justice was not present at this trial nor was it in Portland the judges made a mockery of the constitution, these trials should be overturned by the appellate court any conviction overturned

  6. Why is this judge

    Why is judge Navarro allowed to violate the Constitutional rights of the defendants?


  7. Welcome to the NWO/WOO and it’s circus of clowns. You cannot play with a stacked deck, liars, and cheats. They must be terminated!

  8. If I were the defendants attorneys I would take the evidence to the US Attorney General and ask for charges to be filed against the Judge for Jury Tampering.

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