Custer Museum director releases bombshell book exposing deadly BLM abuses

“Federal agents alleged that he was of selling valuable historical artifacts with false provenance, and illegally possessed eagle feathers. It was while fighting these false allegations, that Kortlander received a document from an unnamed government official detailing the level of corruption and espionage taking place in the law enforcement agencies of the Department of the Interior.”

By Marjorie Haun

Chris Kortlander, who last year made headlines by detailing the terrible human costs, including many suicides, resulting from the actions of aggressive and unaccountable Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents, has written a book about his own harrowing experiences with the agency. Arrow to the Heart first recounts several controversial BLM debacles which occurred during the Obama years, including the Bundy Ranch and Gibson Guitar raids, and the deadly Utah sting, Operation Cerberus, which led to the suicide deaths of several men in the Four Corners region. Kortlander also takes readers back thirteen years, to the BLM raid of the Custer Battlefield Museum, which he founded, and the abuses and lies that nearly destroyed his life. But more than just an expose’ of historical federal abuses, Kortlander also explores the dark corners of corrupt Deep State machinations. The book’s press release reads, in part:

Bombshell New Book Offers Revelations about Federal Agents’ Overreach and Exposes How a US Senator was Elected in Stunning Voter Fraud Scheme

After years of enduring threats and persecution from corrupt government officials, Christopher Kortlander, owner of the historic town of Garryowen, Montana and Founding Director of the Custer Battlefield Museum, assembled a legal team who launched an aggressive defense against the federal government and won.

…Kortlander exposes crooked federal agents operating within the Bureau of Land Management and National Fish and Wildlife Service. Over a period of years, these agents orchestrated raids in an attempt to make high profile arrests, to further individual careers, and to boost the standing and funding of the bloated federal agencies for which they worked.

These raids included the 2014 conflict known as the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada, Operation Cerberus Action that took place in rural Utah, and the 2011 Gibson Guitar raid…The dishonest agents overseeing these raids set out to not only make unwarranted high-profile arrests and seize their personal property, but also to purposely destroy people’s lives.

Shocking revelations have recently come to light exposing the vicious actions of the agents involved in these raids. Specifically, recently fired BLM Special Agent in Charge Dan Love, who oversaw the Bundy Standoff and Operation Cerberus Action, was revealed to have created “kill lists” and “suicide lists” naming people being investigated.

Kortlander also tells his own story of the spring of 2005 when a federal raid took place at the Custer Battlefield Museum. Federal agents alleged that he was of selling valuable historical artifacts with false provenance, and illegally possessed eagle feathers. It was while fighting these false allegations, that Kortlander received a document from an unnamed government official detailing the level of corruption and espionage taking place in the law enforcement agencies of the Department of the Interior.

During his fight with the federal government, Kortlander also unearthed damning information concerning the election of Montana Senator Jon Tester. In Arrow to the Heart, Kortlander details voter fraud that took place when Tester was first elected to the United States Senate in 2006, which changed the Senate majority from Republican to Democrat.

Arrow to the Heart is available for pre-sale on Amazon or through the book’s website at

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Find out more by visiting Arrow to the Heart website.

Kortlander shared with Free Range Report the experiences that inspired him to write Arrow to the Heart.

What inspired you to write Arrow to the Heart?

I wanted to educate the public on extreme governmental overreach. Robert “Bob” Weaver was the fourth death by suicide subsequent to outrageous overreach by federal law enforcement from the Bureau of Land Management. His was the most recent, which occurred on December 31, 2016 in Cody, Wyoming, only three hours from Garryowen, Montana where the Custer Battlefield Museum raids occurred.

Weaver’s death was the final straw that compelled me to tell my story. His raid occurred just days after investigators from the BLM and Office of Inspector General arrived at his trailer with search warrants. These warrants were served regarding his allegedly illegal activities collecting rocks and fossils on public lands.

What do you hope readers will take from your book?

There really is a true deep state and it can be found very prominently in federal law enforcement. When the government has a kill book and a brag book of suicides, both created by a reckless federal agent, and there are actual dead bodies, We the People need to know about it. We must contact our elected officials and make them aware that our government in need of heavy oversight.

Keep in mind that all of these U.S. citizens targeted in the raids mentioned in Arrow to the Heart were law-abiding, tax-payers who were being investigated for allegedly committing non-violent crimes.

What led you to found the Custer Battlefield Museum?

On a fall day in 1993, I visited the historic town of Garryowen, Montana, which is now the home of the Custer Battlefield Museum. The property had two tons of trash around the Tomb of the Unknown United States Soldier and no physical structures. I couldn’t believe that the federal government wasn’t taking care of this sacred spot where the Battle of the Little Big Horn began. This is the location where Sitting Bull’s camp stood on the day of the Battle. I decided I wanted to memorialize this land that had been long neglected and educate the public on this very important historical period. I moved from Malibu to Garryowen to educate people from all over the world on this historical event.

Ammon Bundy penned the introduction to Arrow to the Heart, which begins, “Having a gun pointed at you can affect a person in several unusual ways. To some it is terrifying and takes years to overcome, to others it is just alarming. At the age of 18, unfortunately, I had such an experience. While in the southern Nevada desert a man came up to my pickup truck and put a pistol in my face. He told me to leave the area and said, “He had killed before and he would do it again.” Not knowing what provoked him, those who were with me and I calmly got into my truck and drove away. We were approximately 30 miles north of Mesquite, Nevada, at the north end of Lake Mead, on the Bundy Range…”

Kortlander hopes Arrow to the Heart will be widely read and spur change by bringing to light the massive injustices for which the BLM and its sister agencies are responsible. He says he has plans to write additional books in the future.

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  2. Indians v Cowboys? Maybe all related to: 1. The ambush of 2 Vegas cops eating pizza by Jared/Amanda Miller who had been at the Bundy Standoff then radicalized by FBI Phoenix ‘Longbow’ and 2. mass shooting from Mandalay Bay to the cowboy concert where over 200 cops attended.
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