Feds raid farmers’ market, order food destroyed

Federal agents have raided a farmers’ market in Gillette, Wyoming, ordering one seller to destroy his homemade chili or have it confiscated, even though the product was fully legal under a state law that has been described as an economy-boosting “giant cottage foods bill.” The details of the confrontation between local food producers and agents of…

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  1. Bureaucracy at its finest. They all look like they probably wanted to keep the chili for themselves. And kudos to the police officers for their professionalism.

  2. Kudos to the police officers for knowing and exercising their Constitutional rights. They are the last defense against the corrupt federal “officials” .
    Typical bullying tactics by these USDA people to twist and pervert things to make themselves look like the victim to evoke a more sympathetic view.

    Fortunately, there are many GOOD ISDA inspectors that do their jobs properly and don’t feel a need to stroke their self inflated egos of importance.

    Something amusing. Read the lat sentence of the article, then take a peek at this guys girth. Hypocrisy?

  3. Next time, the farmers need to ask the local sheriff to come and protect their property rights. The federal agents have no legal right to steal or destroy the farmer’s produce and their local sheriff needs to defend their rights, not just refuse to intervene on the side of the federal officials.

  4. The POLICE are supposed to protect people. Just because “he says” he’s acting within his authority when he breaks the law, it’s the job of LAW ENFORCEMENT to charge them.

  5. Next time the feds come trying to bully the people and violate their God Given rights under the Constitution, the people ought to take out their guns and tell the feds to try and make them stop doing what they are doing, if they really feel the need. Or, leave.

  6. Um, unless the power to regulate the sale of farm grown and made food is specifically listed in the constitution if the United States of America as a power of the Federal Government (it isn’t for those that don’t know) then ANY and ALL State Laws on the subject supersede any Federal Laws! The Federal Agency (Agencies) involved in this are clearly and dramatically overstepping their bounds and need to be put in check to prevent further violation of the ‘States Rights’ and State Power.

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