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We accept pitches for editorials and articles related to Western life including, but not limited to:
Land and water issues, farming, ranching, grazing rights, property rights, evidence of statehood inequality, wildlife, wildfires, resource and land management,
federal abuse, and federal overreach.
We also accept photo essays of 8 or more original photographs with short descriptions for each.

Please upload high-definition photos at least 680 x 400 in size.
Please send your pitch along with your name and contact information to 


We accept newsworthy reports, articles of interest, opinions and editorials of 700-1,200 words
Research and sources must be cited and/or linked, and credible.
Please write using journalistic style with minimal commentary in news articles.
If possible, please attach good quality, original photograph(s) which illustrate the
information in the article, or add interest for readers.
Please add a 2 or 3 sentence biography and current photograph to accompany the bio.


We will be in touch to let you know if your pitch has been accepted and when it will be published.